Meet Our Staff/我们的同工

高其倬牧师 ( Pastor Daniel Gao)     [email protected]

高牧师2004年在读大学期间信主。大学毕业之后,他被主呼召于2007到2013年全职服事青少年。2013年开始进入洛杉矶The Master’s Seminary攻读神学,并于2016年和2020年分别获得道学硕士(M.Div.)和神学硕士(Th.M.)学位。高牧师于2018年加入双城西区华人教会服事,2020年按立。目前,高牧师在中西浸信会神学院(Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary)攻读他的新约神学博士学位(Ph.D.)。他与太太Sunny2008年结婚,育有两个孩子Isaac和Faith。高牧师在空余时间喜欢和青少年花时间。

Pastor Gao came to faith in Christ at college in 2004. He was called by the Lord to serve in full-time youth ministry from 2007 to 2013 upon graduation with his bachelor in electrical engineering degree. Pastor Gao attended the Master’s Seminary in 2013, and since then, he has devoted himself to an in-depth study of Scripture. Pastor Gao earned his Master of Divinity degree (2016) and Master of Theology degree (2020) at the Master’s Seminary. Currently, he is pursuing his Doctor of Philosophy in New Testament at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Pastor Gao was ordained in 2020, and he has been pastoring in West Metro Chinese Church since 2018. Pastor Gao is married with Sunny and they have two kids, Isaac and Faith. He enjoys playing games and hanging out with the youth at his leisure.

高其倬牧师  Pastor Daniel Gao:       [email protected] 

谢文全长老 Elder Marcus Tze:   [email protected]

龙飞长老 Elder Longfei Hu:    [email protected]

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